Our bath tubs and shower trays are made of 100% sanitary ACRYL. This material is light, easy to form, strong and flexible at the same time, does not age and does not lose its shine. This acrylic material is smooth with homogenous structure, it is not porous and does not promote bacteria on its surface. This acrylic material is warm and smooth on touch.

Nowadays, the fast paced lifestyle creates a need for some short relaxing breaks at home as you would not waste time. Hydro massage systems can offer this kind of physical and mental relaxation, while at the same time improving blood circulation, helping break up cellulite and cleansing the body from toxins, easing joint pain and relaxing muscles after sport activities and physical exertion. The hydro massage systems combined with aromatherapy (essential oils from natural plants) and chromotherapy (rest using spectral colors in the water) offer beautiful moments of pleasure.